Posted by Joan Phaup
We always look forward to the Association of Test Publishers’ Innovations in Testing Conference – a great place to stay up to date with all the changes happening in the testing and assessment industry and to share some of our own recent progress.
At this year’s conference in Phoenix next week we’ll be involved in a number of presentations, one of which will focus on new options for delivering high-stakes exams.
Our CEO, Eric Shepherd, will be sharing the podium with Allison Horn from Accenture and Ruben Garcia from Innovative Exams to talk about the use of remotely monitored testing stations as a secure but flexible alternative when it’s too impractical or costly to schedule locally proctored exams. They’ll explore how remote proctoring compares to in-person proctoring, talk about how participants in remotely proctored tests can be authenticated and discuss ways to protect exam content and prevent cheating. They’ll also consider what circumstances lend themselves most readily to the use of self-service testing stations.
Eric has given a lot of thought to the issues surrounding secure test delivery and mentions the test kiosk option in a wide-ranging article on Oversight, Monitoring and Delivery of Higher Stakes Assessments Safely and Securely – a recommended read!