Posted By Doug Peterson

With the latest release of Questionmark Live browser-based authoring on October 13,  you’ll see a couple of new things – the new Matching question type, the Embed Video button in the editing toolbar (to be discussed in my next blog article, coming soon!), and Question Properties. In this article we’ll take a look at Question Properties.
The first thing you’ll notice when creating a new question or editing an existing question is that the Edit Question Description button has been replaced by the Edit Question Properties button. Clicking this button will open the Question Properties window.
The Question Properties window currently contains one tab: Info. (More tabs with some very exciting features and other types of information will be coming as Questionmark Live continues to mature!)
Let’s take a look at each editable field:

  • Question Description is a short description of, or title for, the question. It defaults to the question wording unless you decide to change it.
  • Original Reference is a free-form text field intended to allow the question author to reference the source of the question. This could be a chapter of a text book, a page in a manual, or perhaps a video to which the question pertains.
  • Review Status is intended to help with tracking the question through a review and approval process. It’s a free-form text field where you could notate workflow stages such as “Draft,” “Pending Review,” “Approved,” or “Rejected.”
  • Question Status controls the delivery of the question.
    • Normal – a normal question that can be used in an assessment.
    • Retired – the question cannot be used in an assessment and is just being retained for historical purposes.
    • Incomplete – the question is still be developed and cannot be used in an assessment.
    • Experimental – the question can be included in an assessment, but it’s score will not be included in the participant’s block, topic, or assessment score. This status is useful for trying questions out and gathering statistics.
    • Beta – the question can be included in an assessment and behaves the same way as a normal question, but this value designates that it is in a beta testing state.
  • Copyright Holder is a free-form text field where you can put copyright information.

The next five fields cannot be edited. They simply provide the question type, the question’s unique ID number, the question author’s ID, the date the question was created, and the date when the question was last updated.