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Posted by Jim Farrell

The Questionmark Live team has been busy working on features that enhance our powerful authoring tool. The following is a list of the new features now available in Questionmark Live:

  • New, realigned question buttons – We have aligned the question types down the left side of the screen to improve usability.
  • Cut, copy and paste buttons are now available on the question editor toolbar.
  • RSS reader to the Welcome screen – We have created a special RSS feed, with news specific to Questionmark Live, next to the Welcome screen. You can also subscribe to the feed with whatever RSS reader  you use. The Questionmark Live RSS reader also follows the Questionmark Blog.
  • Ability to add ALT tags to images – You can now add ALT tags to your images when you upload them into Questionmark Live.
  • Changes to Email Qpack – To improve deliverability, we have changed the address that sends qpacks to Perception users. Multimedia files – You can now add multimedia resources to your questions including video, audio and flash. These resources are packaged and sent with the questions when you export your qpack.

Give Questionmark Live a try, and please send your Questionmark Live feedback to livefeedback@questionmark.com.