Sample Attempt Distribution
Sample Attempt Distribution Reportlet
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Posted by Joan Phaup

The standard reports and analytics that our customers use to evaluate assessment results meet a great many needs, but some occasions call for customized reports. The Questionmark OData API makes it possible to access data securely and create dynamic assessment reports using third-party business intelligence tools.

Once these reports are set up, they provide a flow of data, updating the results as new data becomes available. OData also makes it possible to cross-reference your assessment data with another data source  to get a fuller picture of what’s happening in your organization.

My recent interview with Austin Fossey goes into more detail about this, but you explore this idea yourself thanks to the OData tutorials and dashboards¬†on Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform for developers.

The site provides example open source code to show how your organization could provide reportlets displaying key performance indicators from many types of assessment data.  The examples demonstrate these sample reportlets:

  • Attempt Distribution
  • PreTest PostTest
  • Score Correlation
  • Distribution

Questionmark OnDemand customers can plug in their own data to create their own reportlets, and developers can use tutorials to get detailed instructions about connecting to OData, retrieving data and creating charts.
You can also learn a lot about the power of OData at the upcoming Questionmark Users Conference in San Antonio March 4 – 7, so we hope you’ll join us there!