jim_small Posted by Jim Farrell

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Twitter and Google+ have become my main ways of keeping up with industry happenings (as well as interesting celebrities).
The highlight of my week in terms of professional and personal growth is #FollowFriday. For those of you who are new to Twitter, every Friday, people list people they find interesting and think their followers should pay attention to. So, since today is Monday, consider today #FollowMonday Jim Farrell style with 10 people and companies I think are worth following.
@Questionmark – Did you really think I was going to start with something different? Following Questionmark gives you blog articles, videos and case studies for people interested in assessments.
@JaneBozarth – Jane is a fellow North Carolinian and the E-Learning Coordinator for the North Carolina Office of State Personal. That title is impressive but what is more impressive are her books, articles and blogging about learning and e-learning. A must follow!
@ambermac – Amber Mac was one of the keynote speakers and mLearnCon 2011 and is the host of a television show in Canada on emerging technologies. Her book, Power Friending, is a must-have for people in the world of communication and social media.
@Quinnovator – If you have been to an e-learning conference you know Clark Quinn. His sessions, blog articles and books on learning are always extremely thought provoking and lately seem to be focusing on mLearning.
@MegSecatore – Megan Secatore is an instructional technologist I follow most closely during e-learning conferences (although since she is in Boston — my hometown — I enjoy her non-work tweets too). She is an extremely active tweeter  — and she’s so good at it that I can learn all about the various conference sessions she attends by reading her tweets. She’s could outdo the play-by-play announcers at most sporting events!
@WillWorkLearn – Will Thalheimer is an old friend of Questionmark (and I mean friend for a long time, and not old). I would consider Will a learning visionary. Will is not a heavy tweeter but he is worth following to see which conferences he is attending.
@JohnKleeman – John is Questionmark’s founder and chairman. John is a very active tweeter and is currently passionate about Questionmark’s integrations with SAP and SharePoint.
@eLearningGuild – Besides having the second best conferences (behind Questionmark of course), the eLearning Guild is a tremendous source of information from e-learning, assessment and learning professionals. A definite must-follow.
@ASTD – Like eLearning Guild, the national and local ASTD chapters are a great way to learn about conferences and find interesting people to follow.
@marciamarcia – Marcia Conner was one of the first people I followed on Twitter. She has a great book titled The New Social Learning that I have read two times now. She is a speaker at many learning conferences and is someone to definitely check out.