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Posted By Doug Peterson

Last week I attended the Questionmark Users Conference in Baltimore, from the opening reception on Sunday evening right through to noon on Wednesday. My head is still spinning!

We all tend to think of users conferences as being an event for users to attend and learn things (and maybe have some fun along the way). Given the feedback I received, that certainly took place. But there’s another side to such gatherings that is very important to me as a Product Owner – the things I learn from the users!

I had some great conversations over the course of our three days in Baltimore. I received excellent guidance from our customers as to what they need and want as we continue to enhance our browser-based tools for authoring questions and assessments.

We talked during sessions, we talked at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we even put in an impromptu session on Tuesday because there were more things about which we wanted to talk!

I took notes, wrote on flip charts and stuffed them in my backpack, and I brought home business cards so I can send out wireframes for customers to review – and then we can talk about them!

All of this brings me back to my main role as a Product Owner – to represent the customer to the business. I need to understand how people are using Questionmark’s products, the problems that they’re trying to solve, the things they like and don’t like, and what they’d like to see added to the product. To gain this understanding, we need to talk!
If you are a Questionmark user, here are three ways in which you can help:

  1. Share with me with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.
  2. Request online meetings where I can show you mock-ups of things we’re planning, or demo new features.
  3. Subscribe to the Authoring blog in Questionmark Community Spaces, where I share mock-ups and seek feedback.

Keep that information flowing so that I can make sure that your needs are met as we continue forward – together – with developing full-featured, easy-to-use question and assessment authoring tools.