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Posted by Julie Delazyn

Questionmark’s auto-sensing delivery makes it easy to author an assessment once, and then deliver to many different types of devices. The same Questionmark assessment you deliver to desktop or laptop can also be delivered via standard browsers on many different smartphones and tablets – but today I want to highlight the Questionmark Apps for Apple® iPhone® and iPad™. Plainly put, the Questionmark App equals added convenience. With simple configuration and options for customization it offers organizations an easy way to deliver quizzes and surveys to learners on the move, giving participants one-touch access to assessments that have been assigned to them.
To get the Questionmark App:

  1. Visit the App store and search for “Questionmark”
  2. Choose either Questionmark’s iPad App or iPhone/iPod touch App
  3. Install the App on your device

Once installed:

  1. Try a Demo and see examples of different assessments for you to try
  2. Configure the app to point it directly to your Perception Server. You only have to configure the application once; it will remember the settings.

To easily configure the App, customers can enter the URL of their Questionmark Perception server or enter a customer number provided by our Customer Care Team.
Check out this video to see how to configure the app:

For more on mobile delivery be sure to attend the Questionmark Users Conference in Los Angeles, March 15-18. View the conference program and register soon!