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Meet business challenges and reach your full potential

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What do we do?

From closing skills gaps and retaining your top talent, the Questionmark platform provides assessment solutions and resources that perfectly complement your training and development efforts.  

We help organizations support on-the-job training to ensure their employees are certified in their field and that new hires are the right fit for the role. 

We are a trusted partner to organizations around the world and are integrated with leading learning companies including Workday Learning and Skillable.  

Whether it’s skills, knowledge or attitudes you want to test, our innovative technology and expert team empower you to create assessments that prove how effective your learning process really is.

Online and Cloud-based learning

With Questionmark’s online assessment solution, the need to travel to a physical testing location to take an exam is no longer necessary, providing candidates with a greater level of flexibility and making exams more inclusive. With Questionmark, you can benefit from a more convenient and cost-effective solution while maintaining integrity. 

Questionmark Secure and Proctoring

Privacy and security are at the forefront of our platform. Questionmark Secure is a locked-down browser designed to provide a secure environment to deliver high-stakes assessments, minimizing the potential for test fraud. Furthermore, with Questionmark’s range of online proctoring solutions, you can deliver exams globally with peace of mind. 

Additionally, Questionmark has ISO 27001 certification, SOC 2 attestation and FedRAMP Moderate Authorization.  

Integrated platform and partnerships

Questionmark works with many corporate LMS (Learning Management System providers) to ensure we can provide a total learning ecosystem for our end users.  

One of our most exciting partnerships to date is with Workday Learning. The Workday Learning and Questionmark interface operates by using the AICC e-learning standard with SAML single sign-on (SSO) between Workday and Questionmark to ensure the learner is identified correctly as the test taker. The integration takes advantage of a major update to our AICC support introduced in our November 2020 release, which allows an LMS (Learning Management System) to call a Questionmark assessment but have the attempts limited by Questionmark. 

This allows certification when only a single attempt is allowed or periodic compliance tests where employees are allowed three attempts and need remediation if they fail all three attempts. The integration also permits other limits, for example, a limited duration window in which the test is available. 

You can learn more in our Questionmark and Workday Learning overview video

Integrated platform and partnerships

As part of our services, Questionmark provides a variety of ready-made assessments which can be used straight away or adapted according to your needs.

The available ready-made assessments include topics such as compliance, data literacy, cybersecurity, sales and marketing and more. We have introduced the service to complement our enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services, in response to demand from customers. Over time, we will develop more ready-made assessments to help employers measure and develop business skills. 

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