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Posted by Julie Delazyn
It’s essential for learning and other important change initiatives – including assessment and evaluation — to align with an organization’s strategic goals. So it’s important for organizations and individuals to clarify the goals, objectives and human performance issues of their work and design systematic assessment programs to evaluate progress.
The A-model, developed by Dr. Bruce C. Aaron, offers a framework for helping organizations  focus on their goals, promote continuous learning and adjust performance as needed. This framework, or map, helps hold the many elements of human performance in place — right from the original business problem or business issue up through program design and evaluation.
We have many resources for helping you understand the A-model and apply it to the specific needs of your organization:

  • White Paper: Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model (free with registration)
  • A podcast with Bruce Aaron
  • Other perspectives on the A-model
  • This SlideShare presentation!