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Posted by Kristin Bernor, Head of External Relations

Did they learn it? Do they know it? Can they do it?

What can we learn from assessments? Well-crafted assessments that measure knowledge, skills and abilities help you answer these questions and much more: tests, quizzes and exams provide valuable data for evaluating (and documenting) the impact of your learning programs.

Well-crafted assessments can guide people to powerful learning experiences; reduce learning curves; extend the forgetting curve; confirm skills, knowledge and attitudes; and motivate people by giving them a solid sense of achievement.

Assessments provide many strategic benefits such as enabling you to:

  • Make informed, defensible personnel decisions
  • Mitigate regulatory compliance risk
  • Align workforce competencies with organizational objectives
  • Target learning investments accurately
  • Onboard new employees effectively
  • Verify skills/knowledge vital organizational KPIs
  • Enhance learning/knowledge retention

“Assessments Through the Learning Process”, a 30-page white paper from Questionmark, explains concepts and best practices for developing effective assessments and interpreting their results.

This white paper is designed to help learning professionals:

  • Distinguish between the various types and uses of assessments
  • Learn to develop effective quizzes, tests, exams and surveys
  • Analyze and interpret results
  • Understand reliability and validity
  • Use assessments for improved learning outcomes

You can download this white paper here.