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coffee-cup-web16julie-small2Posted by Julie Chazyn

Come to London, Manchester and Edinburgh in May

It won’t be long before our UK team sets out on their annual round of Breakfast Briefings in England and Scotland. We started the briefings several years ago and have found they’re a great way to connect with people and show them all the new technologies that are coming on board. For people who’ve never used online quizzes and tests it’s a chance to learn the basics. There will also be tips about blended delivery, the growing use of smartphones and other mobile devices, and new ways to harvest content from subject matter experts.

This year’s briefings are set for Manchester on 12 May, London on 13 May, and Edinburgh  on 19 May.  We hope you’ll  come along for breakfast and a good morning’s conversation. Please register ahead of time so we will know to expect you!