julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

Behind Questionmark’s efforts to be at the forefront of technology is the desire to bring assessments to people in ways that fit in with their learning needs and preferences, schedules, delivery devices and so on.
This has resulted in a number of innovations such as accessibility controls, multilingual participant interfaces and a Translation Management System, as well as mobile delivery capabilities for learners on the move. We are constantly exploring ways to provide assessments at the right time, in the right place and in the right context.
With those ideas in mind, Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd has been using his own blog. to explore ideas about learning environments, assessments and identity management. Following up on a post about how Content Clouds can make up learning environments, Eric has been considering how “identity clouds” can help us tailor learning experiences to an individual. He describes how accessing  information from identity clouds, made up of 6 interconnecting sub-clouds, could help provide reliable, personalized learning experiences.
These sub-clouds provide details about:

  • Personal Data
  • Access Control
  • Drivers (Goals)
  • Trust Networks
  • Experience
  • Preferences

For more on this topic, read Eric’s entire post: Learning Environments – Identity Clouds.