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julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

I’d like to draw your attention to a blog post by our CEO, Eric Shepherd, on “Learning Environments – Content Clouds.” 
Eric uses the “cloud” metaphor to discuss the nature of learning environments, viewing them as a collection of functions clustered together. Made up of meta tags, “folksonomies,” catalogs and other elements, content clouds and sub-clouds help store learning content in a way that can help us find the information we are looking for when we need it.
The increasing amount of useful but hard-to-discover information contained in these clouds presents some serious challenges, though. With so much content becoming available, how will we store, search and find content that is personalized for the learner and suits the learner’s context?  How will we deliver content at the right time, in a form that can run on the learner’s device?  This post puts forward some ideas about how indexing and cataloging could be used to address these issues and the challenges posed by numerous repositories, data structures, tagging methodologies and content types.
For these and other ideas, check out Eric’s blog.