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julie-smallPosted by Julie Delazyn

It seems we’re in the midst of a revolution that will dramatically change the way we learn. In a recent post  about Key Innovation Drivers for Learning Environments on his own blog, our CEO, Eric Shepherd, suggests that key goals of these new environments will be to:

  • Use competency maps to understand where  learners are and help them navigate to where they want to be
  • Magically expose content at the moment of need and in the right context

Inter-system data sharing to allow personalization

Eric regards technology as crucial to turning us away from the formal, academic learning model (reliant on hard-to-find content  such as  books stored in libraries) to learning that is more personalized, accessible and shareable. This change will rely on learning content that is available and discoverable, inter-system data sharing that allows personalization and data flows that keep stakeholders engaged.
Eric describes innovation drivers that would help make all this happen and in the process reduce learner distraction, make learning easier anywhere, anytime, and create a more enjoyable, personalized learning experience. These drivers include:

  • Funding of open educational resources base on open standards
  • Inter-system data sharing to allow personalization
  • Standard integrations that allow one environment to launch another system with learner context, and
  • The creation of registries that make learning resources  easier to find and share.
  • Inter-system data sharing
  • The user of library science techniques for content classification

There’s a lot more detail in Eric’s post, so click here to read the whole article.. If this and other topics about assessment and learning interest you, check out Eric’s blog.