john_smallPosted by John Kleeman
Job Task Analysis (JTA) surveys are used to analyze what tasks within a job role are most important. They are often used to construct and validate certification programs, to ensure that the questions being asked are relevant to the job. Typically you survey “masters”, people doing a job already or who are already certified as to which tasks in their job are most important and done most frequently to determine which areas to ask questions on. JTAs are an important way to make certifications fair and legally defensible by ensuring that the coverage of questions matches the coverage of what is needed to do a job.
You can easily construct JTAs in Questionmark Perception; here is an example survey that asks some questions about enterprise sales people, to illustrate how to do it.
If you are making your own JTAs, then I’d advise making each part of the survey a separate question, usually a Likert Scale question. In the example (see screenshot below), the two questions about whether the task is important and how often it is done are separate Likert Scale questions, formatted to appear close together. Keeping them as independent questions makes it much easier to report on than combining them into a single question.
Screenshot of Job Task Analysis Survey