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Julie Delazyn HeadshotPosted by Julie Delazyn
Although you can use Questionmark as a stand-alone Assessment Management System (AMS), it also integrates seamlessly with other key systems – everything from learning management systems and content management systems to portals and scanning technologies.
Questionmark Connectors make these integrations possible.
Some of these, such as the Blackboard Connector, the SAP Connector and the SharePoint Connector, are designed for use with specific systems.
We also support integrations with LTI-, AICC– and SCORM-compliant systems.
You can find video tutorials about many of these connectors in the Questionmark web site. There you’ll find videos on integrating with Moodle, SuccessFactors and Cornerstone OnDemand, as well as other systems such as SharePoint, Canvas, and Ning.

Here is a sneak peak – click to view each video:

blackboardcornerstonesharepoint9-3-2014 10-06-56 AM