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Posted bySteve Lay

In my last post, I wandered lonely as a virtual machine – with apologies to William Wordsworth, I introduced the idea of cloud-based computing and some of the reasons why so many server rooms are being ‘virtualized’.
Many of our OnPremise customers are already using virtual machines to run their Questionmark Perception servers.  Here at Questionmark we make extensive use of virtual machines; setting them up is quick and easy to do, making them ideal for testing out new versions of software or developing and testing integrations developed using our Application Programming Interfaces such as QMWISe.
In this tutorial, I introduce system administrators and developers to Amazon’s cloud-based computing service EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and show how to launch a virtual machine suitable for installing Perception.

Next time I’ll be looking at using Remote Desktop to gain access to your virtual machines and how to configure them ready to install Perception.