Posted by Noel Thethy
Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing several “How To” blog posts that I hope will provide some insight in to the features and functionality available to Questionmark users.
In particular I’ll be looking at:
•    How to ensure your questions are as accessible as possible
•    How-to tweak Questionmark’s accessibility features to suit your specific needs.
This series will consist of several video demonstrations and some explanations of basics concepts.
I’ll be covering topics like:
•    Using media and images in a question in an accessible way
•    Ensuring question text is appropriately accessible
•    Customizing the font size changer
•    Customizing the contrast changer
Before we go on this journey I’d like to remind you of some other posts about accessibility that have already appeared on this blog. They include:
•    Assessment Accessibility: A View from the Inside
•    Assessment Accessibility in Questionmark Perception Version 5
I hope you will join me as I take a look at making assessments accessible.