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Posted by Julie Delazyn

Hiring is a costly and time-consuming process, and one that many organizations struggle with. But new technologies can help to streamline the screening process, improve outcomes, and ensure that experience leaves every candidate with a more positive view of the organization they applied to work for.
In the blog post, Improving Hiring Outcomes with Pre-Screening, Human Resource Systems Group explains that organizations can improve their hiring process by focusing on these three aspects of pre-screening:HRSG

  • Legal defensibility
    • By removing the effects of human bias and focusing on the cognitive skills required for the job, online pre-screening can help your organization filter candidates more fairly and defensibly.
  • Hiring outcomes
    • Resumes, according to the blog post, have one of the weakest correlations with performance, and interviews fare poorly as well. However, cognitive abilities are unambiguously correlated with job performance.
  • Candidate experience
    • A well-conceived, cognitive-based pre-screening test can improve the application experience for the candidate and protect the organization’s brand.

Check out the blog post for the full explanation on how-to improve hiring outcomes as well as some pre-screening best practices.
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