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Posted by John Kleeman
Here is the fourth of our series of quizzes on assessment subjects, authored in conjunction with Neil Bachelor of Pure Questions. You can see the first quiz, on Cut Scores here, the second, on Validity and Defensibility here, and the third on use of formative quizzes here.
This week’s quiz is on trialling (or piloting) questions, the important process of checking the questions prior to using them in production.
We regard resources like this quiz as a way of contributing to the ongoing process of learning about assessment. In that spirit, please enjoy the quiz below and feel free to comment if you have any suggestions to improve the questions.

Questionmark software is very effective for beta testing and trialling questions. You can easily construct a trial assessment containing selected questions for trial delivery, and you can easily schedule certain people to be able to trial. You can also easily change delivery settings, e.g. require secure browser / not require secure browser, require monitoring / not require monitoring to suit the need. Beta questions can also be included within production exams by setting them as “Experimental”, which means that they gather statistics but don’t count to the score of the participant.