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Posted by John Kleeman

Here is the third of our series of quizzes on assessment subjects, authored in conjunction with Neil Bachelor of Pure Questions. You can see the first quiz, on Cut Scores, here and the second, on Validity and Defensibility, here.

This week’s quiz is on the use of formative quizzes and assessments.

After some controversy in previous quizzes about the use of negative scores, we are only using positive scores in marking this quiz:  you get 1 point for getting a question right, and 0 points for getting it wrong or skipping it.  Previous quizzes gave a –1 score for getting a question wrong. Try this one and the earlier ones to see which approach you think is easier and which is fairer!

We regard resources like this quiz as a way of contributing to the ongoing process of learning about assessment. In that spirit, please enjoy the quiz below and feel free to comment if you have any suggestions to improve the questions.