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Posted by John Kleeman

Taking quizzes is a fun way to learn. One of the Questionmark blog’s most popular-ever entries was Howard Eisenberg’s Take our Quiz on Writing Good Test Questions, back in 2009.

Readers told us that it was instructive and engaging to take quizzes on using assessments, and we like to listen to you! So here is the first of a new series of quizzes on assessment topics. This week’s quiz is on setting a cut score (pass score).  The questions, written for us by Neil Bachelor of Pure Questions, are about what to do when designing a diagnostic test for safety procedures.

We regard resources like this quiz as a way of contributing to the ongoing process of learning about assessment. In that spirit, please enjoy the quiz below and feel free to comment if you have any suggestions to improve the questions.
Now on to the quiz! Be sure to look for your feedback after you have completed it!