Posted by John Kleeman

A year ago (May 12th 2010), Microsoft launched SharePoint 2010 and Questionmark wishes SharePoint 2010 a happy first birthday.
A key improvement in SharePoint 2010 over the earlier 2007 version was the inclusion of much-improved tools for social networking. Blogs and wikis are stronger. You can tag and rate pages and resources. There are activity streams, better personal sites and knowledge mining. The updated user interface, with an Office-like ribbon, makes it easier to use and helps people realize SharePoint is an end-user tool, not just a techie tool.
Questionmark is seeing a lot more interest in integrating assessments in SharePoint now that the 2010 version is out. Companies are looking at expanding their existing SharePoint installations to add a social dimension to learning and training, and universities are also looking at deploying SharePoint for learning, sometimes in place of traditional VLEs. Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud offering, includes a twin sister of SharePoint 2010 (“SharePoint Online”) inside it, and I know this will help bring more people to the SharePoint party.
We’ve started our own blog on SharePoint and assessments; for more on this see
According to Microsoft, every day for the last 5 years, 20,000 workers have joined the ranks of SharePoint users. If you’re one of these or are thinking of becoming one, then to celebrate SharePoint’s birthday, here is a fun quiz on SharePoint – how much do you know?