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Joan Phaup

Jeff Place demonstrates the Apple iPad app

Posted by Joan Phaup
I enjoyed attending yesterday’s Breakfast Briefing and Questionmark User Group meeting in Boston yesterday.
The day included some lively questions and answers, with participants showing particular interest in how to use various Questionmark Perception reports. Demonstrations of browser-based authoring in Questionmark Live and of mobile assessment delivery were also big hits. In the afternoon, Perception users had the opportunity to drill down into more detail  about coming features,ask quesitons and tap into each others’ experience as well as that of the Questionmark team.
Briefing Session

Mobile Delivery Options

Boston was the first of seven U.S. cities that Questionmark staff members are visiting. The others are New York (tomorrow, September 23rd), Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C. (Bethesda), Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles (Agoura Hills).
Breakfast Briefings in the morning are followed by User Group lunches and in-depth discussions in the afternoons. I’m glad I went, and I’d encourage you to do so, too, if you have the opportunity!