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Posted by John Kleeman
I find Twitter a great way to learn every day and stay up to date with e-assessment and learning technology. With Twitter, I can see a summary of important information others think it worth me knowing.

If you’ve not tried Twitter and would like to get started, go to www.twitter.com and sign up. Choose a short, memorable user name, set up your profile and choose some people to follow. You can then view their tweets in a browser or – more useful for many – on your mobile phone or iPad. And if you want to contribute, it’s easy to post your own tweets back.

Twitter has a “Follow Friday” tradition of recommending who to follow at the end of a week. Here are a few of the people I personally follow and suggest many of you might find interesting … I’’ll mention more in a future post!


Charles JenningsCharles Jennings used to be head of learning at Reuters and is now a freelance learning specialist. He’s one of the people who’ve popularized the 70+20+10 model for informal learning.
Example tweet: “An effective social media security strategy starts with user education” http://bit.ly/iU0Wh8
drdjwalkerDavid Walker is Senior Learning Technologist at the University of Dundee, he’s also on the board of the E-Assessment Association and tweets on e-assessment.
Example tweet : Interesting article in this weeks @timeshighered about online exams and allowing students access to Internet/search tools. Worth a read.
Michael Feldstein
Michael Feldstein is the author of a longstanding educational technology blog and is a knowledgeable commentator on the academic market and their LMSs.
Example tweet: Hmm. The IMS has removed the word “standards” from the mission statement. #LI11
The Questionmark marketing team said I’d better put this one here :). No, seriously if you follow @questionmark on Twitter, you’ll get to hear of all our announcements and blog articles and can follow up on those you’re interested.
Example tweet: The fraud triangle: understanding and mitigating threats to test and exam security http://slidesha.re/mP0Q6E a slideshare presentation
Prashanth Padmanabhan is a product manager at SAP. He’s great at finding new ideas in business, software design and talent management and condensing them into a stream of tweets.
Example tweet : “How Do We Prepare Kids for Jobs We Can’t Imagine Yet? Teach Imagination” http://bit.ly/jZAqma
Will Thalheimer
Will Thalheimer is one of the gurus of learning research, he reviews research from academics and applies them in a practical context.
Example tweet: Learning and Forgetting Curves — Implications Explained in New Video: http://tinyurl.com/3k3omyy
If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can find me as @johnkleeman. Check the tab at the left for Twitter addresses for several Questionmark colleagues – including our CEO @ericshepherd. I hope you find Twitter as useful as I do to learn every day.