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Posted by Julie Delazyn
Blogging makes it easy for us here at Questionmark to pass along news about assessment and tips about best practices.
As our readership continues to grow, so has the conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and, most recently, Google+ . What stories have generated the most buzz during the last couple of years? We thought it would be helpful to highlight our five most popular blog posts and make them all available to you on the same page:
Topic based feedback goes to the ball

Questionmark Chairman John Kleeman explains the untapped learning value in topic feedback.

12 Tips for Writing Good Test Questions

Writing effective questions takes time and practice. Joan Phaup highlights 12 tips for writing and reviewing reliable and defensible test questions.

How many items are needed for each topic in an assessment? How PwC decide.

John Kleeman takes a look PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)’s use of a five-stage model for diagnostic assessments and how it works.

Understanding Assessment Validity and Reliability

How can authors make sure they are producing valid, reliable assessments? I offer a few tips from the Questionmark White Paper, Assessments through the Learning Process.

What makes a good diagnostic question?

John Kleeman describes the common use of a diagnostic question as well as tactics for testing the quality of a question.

Feel free to comment and share. Let us know how these have helped you. And what are your favorite kinds of posts?