Data hosting and integrity

Questionmark OnDemand and OnDemand for Government are cloud-based assessment management solutions.

Our infrastructure is hosted in secure state-of-the-art data centers located in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Every data center has 24-hour staffed security, and access is restricted to select authorized personnel.

Each facility has video surveillance, motion detectors and intruder alarms, redundant power grid connections, batteries, multiple generators, tier-one internet connections and secure off-site backups.

The network is protected by a range of measures. Internet traffic in and out of the data center is encrypted using TLS. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitors network traffic and finds malicious attacks before they occur.
Each server in the various tiers is protected by a host-level firewall. A Bastion Host is used to allow system maintenance without damaging system security or integrity. Antivirus technology is used and updated on a regular basis.

Servers are continuously monitored for downtime and designed to notify the Network Operations Center for action to be taken immediately. The service is monitored from around the world to track performance and connect, processing and transfer times. We believe in transparency. Questionmark is willing to provide penetration test results for customers under NDA. For up-to-date details about the status of the OnDemand service, please refer to:

Questionmark’s European OnDemand service is run by a European company using an EU owned data center and is therefore resistant to legal action within the US, such as under the Patriot Act.

See our trust page for a fuller explanation of our security measures – Trust Center