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Posted by Jane Townsend
With the Questionmark European Users Conference just a few months off, now’s a good time to look at some of the presentations we have lined up.
Here, for instance, here are just three of the breakout sessions that will focus on best practices:

  • Using the Latest Learning Research to Improve Your Questionmark Assessments — Find out how questions can directly help learning, and how to apply the findings of recent research to your use of assessments.
  • Using Web Services to Integrate with Questionmark Perception – Get an overview of integration methods and a deep dive into some powerful options for connecting to and building upon Questionmark Perception using Web Services — complete with examples of real-world applications.
  • Using Questionmark Perception to Make SharePoint an Effective Learning Platform – Learn to use Questionmark Perception inside SharePoint right out of the box to measure and reinforce learning. It’s easier than you may think: no programming experience required!

Click here for details about these and many other sessions, which will include product training, case studies and drop-ins with Questionmark technicians.
The conference also offers excellent opportunities to meet with Questionmark product managers and to network with your learning and assessment colleagues.
It’s a great learning opportunity, so register soon to join us in Brussels from 9 – 11 October.