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Posted by Jim Farrell
It’s no secret that Macs are everywhere. Visit a college campus and you see the distinctive logo on laptops as far as the eye can see. We are pleased to announce a new option for customers wishing to deliver exams on a locked-down browser: Questionmark Secure is now available for Mac users.
For those of you who don’t already know, Questionmark Secure is a lock-down browser that people can use to take online tests and exams. Organizations can use it in conjunction with Questionmark OnDemand or Questionmark Perception on-premise software to help test takers use their own cognition to answer questions and prevent them from accessing other applications.
Questionmark Secure was already available for Windows PCs, and we’re pleased to be extending secure delivery across a broader range of platforms with the addition of this new version for Macs. It’s important to be able to deliver tests securely regardless of whether participants are using Windows or Mac machines.
Click here for details about Questionmark Secure for Windows and Mac PCs, including links to free downloads.