Mobile devices make it easy to deliver surveys, knowledge checks, quizzes and other assessments anywhere, anytime. Auto-sensing and auto-sizing makes it possible to deliver Questionmark assessments to a variety of different devices regardless of their various screen sizes and technology platforms. And results from assessments delivered to many different environments can be processed together.
Users of Android devices can have one-touch access to Questionmark Perception assessments. Here’s how:
After downloading the Questionmark Android App from the Android Market, the participant can configure it while connected to the Internet.
To start using the app, participants:

  • Click on the Questionmark icon, which can be found in the application menu or added to the home screen as a shortcut
  • Either run the app as a demo (to open examples of different types of assessments) or configure it to point to a Perception server

Participants need to configure the app just once. There are two ways to do this:

  • By entering a customer number, provided by Questionmark Customer Care
  • By entering the full URL for their Perception log-in

After configuring the application and launching it again, the participant will see a new “My Assessments” button that provides direct access to any assessments that have been scheduled for them.
You can read more about the Questionmark App for Android here – and if you’re interested in using mobile devices to deliver course evaluation surveys, be sure to check out these tips.