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joan-small6Posted by Joan Phaup

Indeed, that is the question!stakesofassessmentchart
Your decisions about assessment security need to start with the stakes! This “assessment pyramid” in our white paper, Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely, helps put  various types of assessments  in perspective to help you make solid decisions about delivery and security requirements.

The paper describes various types of assessments and explains numerous delivery options so that you can select appropriate methods for deploying each type of assessment safely, securely, and cost effectively. It is designed to help you avoid over-engineering low-stakes assessments (which brings unnecessary costs and wastes time) or under-engineering high-stakes assessments (which can undermine an assessment’s face validity, not to mention people’s confidence in a testing program.)

We recently updated this paper to help organizations  address security issues related to current technology.  It also includes pointers on protecting intellectual property, discouraging cheating, and using assessment technologies  to provide different levels of security. So feel free to download the paper and put these ideas into practice!