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Extended Matching Questions are similar to multiple choice questions but test knowledge in a far more applied, in-depth way. This question type is now available in Questionmark Live  browser-based authoring.
What it does:   An Extended Matching question provides an “extended” list of answer options for use in questions relating to at least two related scenarios or vignettes. (The number of answer options depends on the logical number of realistic options for the test taker.) The same answer choice could be correct for more than one question in the set, and some answer choices may not be the correct answer for any of the questions – so it is difficult the answer this type of question correctly by chance. A well-written lead-in question is so specific that students understand what kind of response is expected,  without needing to look at the answer options.
Who should use it: It is often used in medical education and other healthcare subject areas to test diagnostic reasoning.
What’s the process for creating it? This diagram shows how to create this question type in Questionmark Live:

How it looks:  Here is an example of an Extended Matching Question