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Terra Walker

Posted by Joan Phaup

Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy was among the first users of Questionmark Live. Terra Walker and two colleagues, Web Developer Cheri Lambert and Assistant Professor Jeremy Fox — now with a track record of using this new authoring tool for subject matter experts — will share their experience with it at the Questionmark Users Conference in March.

I had a quick word with Terra the other day, to find out a little about her work and the case study she will present together with Cheri and Jeremy:

Q: What’s your role at Shenandoah University?

A: I am the Webmaster for the School of Pharmacy. In addition to the web site, I support the faculty with their technology needs. In terms of student support, we have our traditional students here on campus and we help them with their technology needs. We support a community of nontraditional, online learners as well. I’m also the Questionmark Perception administrator for the School of Pharmacy. I get involved in all sorts of things, from training faculty on Authoring Manager and Questionmark Live to helping faculty members put together assessments. I also make sure things go smoothly when it’s time to administer assessments to the students.

Q: How is the school using Questionmark Perception?

A: We use it for our quizzes and exams — any assessments we want to do with traditional or nontraditional students. That could include anything from Pharmacogenomics to infectious diseases to patient assessment, all centered around pharmacy. Traditionally, we have four classes of 80 students, and at any one time have 5 cohorts of 35 non-traditional students. On-campus students take their assessments right in the classroom; non-traditional students can take them from home.

Q: What will you be sharing during your case study presentation at the Users Conference?

A: We will talk about how we have implemented Questionmark Live. We started right away with the beta version and we have really taken off with it. We’ve had new users to Perception come on board just because of its ease of use, and people who used to use Authoring Manager have transitioned over to Questionmark Live. We’ll share what we’ve been doing here and how we have been able to make it easier for the faculty to get involved in authoring questions. We’ll also talk about how we’re going to expand it and start using more of the Questionmark Live features, such as shared question sets. We would like to find out if people in the audience have used Questionmark Live too, so that we can get some ideas from them!

Q:What are you looking forward to at this year’s conference?

A: I would have to say I’m most excited about Perception version 5. I want to learn all that I can about it and bring back information for others who use Perception. Questionmark puts on a great conference with so many networking opportunities, so I’m looking forward to being with other Perception users. Since we’re going to have a faculty member with us for the first time this year, we’re pleased that he’ll bring a different perspective to the conference and will be able to take what he learns back to other faculty members.

Early-bird registration for the conference ends this Friday, January 22nd. Click here to register or ask to be kept informed.