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Posted by Joan Phaup

We’ve added a new element to the program at this year’s Questionmark Users Conference in Miami March 14 – 17: a bring-your-own-laptop item writing workshop conducted by Jim Farrell. Workshop participants will be using  Questionmark Live, our easy browser-based authoring tool.


Q: Could you explain your role at Questionmark?
A: My job title is Business Analyst but my main role is that of a Product Owner. I represent the voice of the customer in the product development process, when the development team is working on new ideas (features). This means I talk with customers as much possible. They really do shape our products, so talking with them is an essential part of my work.
Q: What products are you responsible for?
A: Questionmark Live and, more recently, the delivery of assessments in Questionmark Perception.
Q: What will happen during the item writing workshop at the users conference?
A: We’ll first talk about item writing workshops and some best practices around how to get those going. We’ll also show how to use Questionmark Live in the process and how the item writing workshops can help them become better questions writers.  We’ll crowdsource content, do some peer reviews of the content and then harvest the items to create an assessment. People will be able to share their experiences with past item writing workshops and discuss how Questionmark Live can help make them better.
Q: What would you like people to bring to the workshop?
A: Their own experiences, and of course their laptops! This will be a hands-on session!
Q: What are you most looking forward to about the conference?
A: Because my role is being the voice of the customer, I’m so glad  I’ll be able to be with a large group of customers, all at once and one place, and learn  what they think we can add to our products to make them work better and make their lives easier….and there’s always good food, too!
Conference participants get a lot of intellectual and professional nourishment at the conference, as well as good food! And those who sign up by this Friday, January 22nd, will save $100 on registration.