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Posted by Joan Phaup

One of the things I most look forward to at the Questionmark Users Conference is the opportunity to hear customers’ case studies.  Accenture Certification Specialist Neetu Jaiswal spent a few minutes telling me about one of her session about a Tiered Assessment Model for Internal Certification, that she will co-present with Accenture Certifications Analyst Supriya Shetty.

Neetu Jaiswal

Q: Tell me a little about your company.

A:  Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. We have about 204,000 employees serving clients in more than 120 countries. Our clients turn to us for industry and business process expertise to help them improve their performance. Our Business Process Outsourcing business involves 33,000 people serving more than 150 clients around the world.

Q: What’s your role in Accenture?

A: As a Certification Specialist, I focus on our certification program for Accenture employees which is organized in three tiers or levels, which build on assessment complexity and rigor. I am in charge of all the Tier 1 or Curriculum Level assessments that we offer in Accenture for various industries groups. I drive all activities associated with curricula and assessment design and development, including job task analysis and/or item writing workshops. I work with solution management and functional architecture teams to develop, deploy and support a cost effective, sustainable solution for the clients. I also oversee the administrative functions including help desk/e-mail support, reporting, and other functions as defined and agreed upon with the client.

Q: How are you using Questionmark?

A: We use almost all the features of Questionmark to support the three-tiered assessment model for Accenture’s internal certification efforts. A few years ago, we started with technical Certification exams in Questionmark and now we use Questionmark tools for technical certifications and other industry assessments, surveys, tests, scoring rubrics, end of program evaluations, etc.   We leverage several Questionmark tools – including Questionmark Live and the Results Management System – to support the development process.

Q: What you will be talking about during your conference presentation?

A:  The demand for employee testing and certification across Accenture has increased dramatically in the past two years.  Accenture’s certification teams had no choice but to look for new, innovative ways to develop tests in less time and with less money than in years past, while still maintaining a sufficient level of quality.

This presentation will describe the three-tiered assessment model used to support Accenture’s internal certification efforts. The three types of assessments are distinguished by the nature of the knowledge and skills being assessed, the types of questions used, the number of forms of each assessment, and the extent of psychometric analysis conducted throughout the development process.   Through the session, we will highlight how several Questionmark tools – including Questionmark Live and the Results Management System – are leveraged to support the development process.

Q: What are you looking forward to at the conference?

A: I want to find out what Perception version 5 offers and how we can use it to our benefit.  Also, I saw that there are many good papers to be presented, so I’m looking forward to attending those sessions. And I want to learn more detail about the psychometric analysis. Questionmark puts on a great conference with many networking opportunities, so I’m looking forward to being with other Perception users to learn about various best practices that they follow. I am also looking forward to meeting the Questionmark people with whom we interact but rarely meet face to face.

Indeed, the conference is a great place to meet face to face with Questionmark staff, industry experts and other Questionmark users. Sign up soon and join us in Los Angeles March 15 -18.