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Joan Phaup 2013 (3)Posted by Joan Phaup

Since we revamped the Questionmark Learning Cafe last year, I’m amazed to see the number of instructional videos now on view there.Learning Cafe

Just looking at videos about Questionmark Live browser-based authoring could keep you busy for a while. Here are just some of the Questionmark Live tutorials that are posted there now.

  • ¬†Sharing topics
  • Authoring a hot spot question
  • Using numeric questions
  • Adding multimedia to an item
  • Creating surveys
  • Versioning and revisions
  • Embedding videos
  • Creating pull-down questions
  • Adding audio

You will find many other videos about authoring, delivery, reporting and integrations as well as webinars and best practices presentations. If you haven’t visited the Learning Cafe lately, take a look. You might have some catching up to do.