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Joan Phaup 2013 (3)Posted by Joan Phaup
New customers who attended the Questionmark Users Conference in the past used to tell us that some hands-on instruction before the start of the conference would help them get a lot more out of the proceedings.
Enter Questionmark Boot Camp: Basic Training for Beginners – where people learn the basics before they join the throng at the conference. This full-day workshop has become a popular pre-conference option,  and we’re bringing it back again on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 – right before the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference in San Antonio.
I don’t get  to attend Boot Camp, but I did spend a few minutes talking about it with our trainer, Rick Ault, who has as much fun there as his pupils:

Rick Ault
Rick Ault

What happens at Boot Camp?
We talk about all the different Questionmark tools — how they are used together — and give people a solid understanding of the process and what they can do to build meaningful assessments. It’s hands-on. We ask people to bring their own laptops so that we can give them actual practice using the software. They have the chance to use Questionmark Live to build questions and assessments, then put that content onto a server to see it work.
Who should attend?
Any new users of Questionmark would benefit from it, because it’s designed to give people an understanding of what the product does and how it works.
What should they bring?
They should bring their laptops, plus some ideas for how they might like to use Questionmark. They should also bring some ideas for some fun content that they might want to create?
How does Boot Camp prepare new customers for the Users Conference?
It gives them exposure to all of the tools, and it helps them understand the process. By getting some hands-on experience with our technologies, they will be able to make better choices about what conference tracks and sessions to attend. They’ll also be able to think of meaningful questions to ask at the conference.
What do YOU like best about Boot Camp?
I like meeting new customers, and I like seeing their happiness when they create something. It’s great to see the birth of their new content as they join the Questionmark family!
Newcomers to Questionmark can join the familhy in style by attending Boot Camp. You can sign up when you register for the conference.