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Joan Phaup HeadshotPosted by Joan Phaup
So many people signed up for Doug Peterson’s recent web seminar about best practices for test design and delivery that we’re offering it again in August:
Join us at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, August 22, for Five Steps to Better Tests: Best Practices for Design and Delivery
This webinar will give you practical tips for planning tests, creating items, and building, delivering and evaluating tests that yield actionable, meaningful results.
Doug speaks from experience, having spent more than 12 years in workforce development. During that time, he created training materials, taught in the classroom and over the Web, and created many online surveys, quizzes and tests.
The webinar is based on Doug’s 10-part series in this blog about test design and delivery, which is also available in the form of Questionmark White Paper, Five Steps to Better Tests.
Join the webinar for a lively explanation of these five essential steps for effective test design and delivery:
1. Planning the test
2. Creating the test items
3. Creating the test form
4. Delivering the test
5. Evaluating the test
Go to our UK website  or our  US website for webinar details and free registration.