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Posted by Jim Farrell

As we have been making translations for the Questionmark Live interface, one language high on our list has been Arabic. However, we did not want to go half way and release an interface where, yes, the language was translated but remained in a left-to-right format. We wanted to release the entire package: an Arabic translation of Questionmark Live in a right-to-left interface — and we are pleased to have achieved that!
Below are two screen shots of Questionmark Live for Arabic users. Click on each picture to see a full sized view of the Questionmark Live interface in Arabic.
Questionmark Live Welcome Screen in ArabicQuestion Set List in Arabic
Click here to use your Questionmark Live account, see a demo or try it out.
(If you have never changed the Questionmark Live interface to display in another language, click on the Account tab and then select a language setting.)