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5 October 2021 – Yahoo! Finance covers our “Getting the best on board” report which encourages employers to measure the success of their onboarding programs.

29 July 2021 – Forbes covers our Workplace Training Without the Water Cooler report detailing the modern skills which employees may be lacking given hybrid working

26 May 2021 – Yahoo Finance covers our new partnership with learning experience platform THRIVE to deliver regulatory-compliant assessments.

27 April 2021 – Associated Press covers our new report on how employers can build a tech-enabled workforce and the five “cultural skills” that workers require.

19 April 2021 – Apac Insider features an article by our CEO Lars Pedersen on how employers can ensure they hire successful candidates that have what it takes to hit the ground running.

24 March 2021 – Yahoo Finance reports on how online assessments can help employers ensure their staff are ready for the forthcoming consumer boom.

12 March 2021 – Global Banking & Finance Review features an article by our CEO, Lars Pedersen on how regular skills assessments can give financial employers reliable and accurate information on the strengths and weaknesses of their salesforce.

4 March 2021 – Wealth and Finance features an article by our CEO, Lars Pedersen on the top five financial services sales skills and how firms can use assessments to maximize their salesforce’s performance.

9 February 2021 – Finance Monthly features an article by our CEO, Lars Pedersen on how financial services firms can assess their most successful salespeople to get a better understanding of what they do and replicate these “winning behaviors” through training and support.

5 February 2021 – HR News features an article by our CEO, Lars Pedersen on the “continuous improvement cycle” and the six steps to ensure workplace training stays relevant.

9 December 2020 – Associated Press covers the news that we’ve boosted our offer in Australia and New Zealand to help employers better understand what skills their people have and how they can be improved.

3 September 2020 – Recruiter magazine reports on the five urgent questions we encourage employers to consider to ensure their workforce is ‘recession-ready’.

10 August 2020 – The Silicon Review has recognized Questionmark as one of the 50 best companies to watch 2020. In an interview with the magazine, our CEO Lars Pedersen explains how Questionmark helps its customers to make more informed decisions and unlock their potential.

4 July 2020 – Manage HR has ranked Questionmark as one of the top talent management solution providers 2020. In an interview with the magazine, our CEO Lars Pedersen explores how Questionmark has helped its customers’ people continue to learn and develop through the lockdown.

5 June 2020 – Forbes features an article by SAP on the changes that universities face as a result of Covid-19 and which reports on Questionmark’s ability to help those institutions to proctor remote tests.

24 April 2020 – Bloomberg Law reports on our report where we identify the five types of remote workers from the seasoned survivors to the task-takers.

26 March 2020 – Our founder and executive director, John Kleeman writes for the Daily Telegraph on why tests are the fabric of learning, even in a time when parents have become the teachers.

21 February 2020 – Business Leader covers our report on ill-informed business decisions and infamous errors which cost companies dearly.

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