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February 2022 – A Data-Driven Approach to Closing the Skills Gap: How staff assessments can help employers acquire the skills they need to succeed

January 2022 – Solving the Modern Skills Shortage in 2022: How online learning and assessments can equip people with the skills they need

December 2021 – Modern Skills for 2022: Measuring the strength of workforce skills and ensuring employees have what they need to face the future

NOVEMBER 2021 – Train to Retain: Why great training – and the right assessments – can help employers overcome the Great Resignation

OCTOBER 2021 – Getting the Best on Board: using staff assessments to get new workers on board and up to speed as quickly as possible, with the modern skills to thrive

AUGUST 2021 – Modern Skills for a Post-Pandemic World: Preparing workers with the skills to thrive in today’s ever-changing business environment