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Joan Phaup
Posted by Joan Phaup
Several posts in this blog have noted the ease of incorporating Questionmark Perception assessments within Microsoft SharePoint, a widely used tool that makes it easy to create collaborative Web sites.
We’re pleased to tell you that we have just published a new white paper that explains why this is so valuable and how to make it happen. Learning and Assessment on SharePoint shows how assessments within SharePoint can support activities in learning, education, training and compliance. It explains how you can use  various types of assessments – from surveys and knowledge checks to quizzes and tests — to provide retrieval practice, motivate learners and measure knowledge, skills and attitudes.
The paper covers these topics:

  • An explanation of assessments for, in, of and after learning and the roles of diagnostic, formative, needs, reaction and summative assessments
  • Applications of assessments within SharePoint for formal and informal learning, compliance, observational assessments and more
  • Two ways to include Questionmark assessments within SharePoint – by embedding them in a page or by presenting a list of assessments for a participant to click on
  • Synergies between SharePoint and Questionmark software that can make this integration even more useful

The paper applies to SharePoint 2007 (including WSS and MOSS), SharePoint 2010 (including Foundation, Server and Enterprise) and Office 365’s SharePoint Online.
Click here to download this new white paper with our compliments!